Little Wonders Learning Center

Instructional Design | Web Development

Little Wonders Learning Center

  • Tools Used: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Foundation Framework
  • Target Audience: Parents looking for more information about Little Wonders Learning Center childcare and VPK programs
  • Launched: 2012


Little Wonders Learning Center has been in business for over 10 years. Their vision and mission are to aid children in growing a positive self-image, motor coordination development, and a variety of basic life skills to help as they grow.

I was the lone wolf on this freelance project. We started collaborating and building their online presence on Facebook. I worked closely with the director and owners to create mockups, customize graphics, and build a website packed with an incredibly easy to use interface that is accessible to everyone.

After speaking with the client, I realized that building them a website would solve multiple problems. For instance, one of the director's main problems was her lack of time to be in the classrooms. She spends a majority of time in her office explaining to clients information about her preschool's enrollment process, VPK process, curriculums, food programs, etc. either in person or over the phone. This resulted in the owner being pulled away from other major issues in her center.

Creating an effortless user experience was my goal for this project. Let's make it easy, accessible, and responsive for clients to receive information on all devices about Little Wonders Learning Center before stepping in the door. This would include guiding them through the VPK paperwork process, what curriculum is taught at the center, nutrition information, a FAQ section, and contact information.

After sitting down with the client for multiple sessions reviewing wireframes, we realized that the solution to her problem could be solved with an easy navigation bar. We wanted the answers to client's questions to be only one click away. Each tab in the navigation was designed to be a one-click solution to retrieve information that the user is seeking. Not only that, I aimed to guide the user through complicated processes. This includes all forms and enrollment processes for the Little Wonder Learning Center, Hillsborough County Schools, and Florida VPK.

The final project was a success. Little Wonders Learning Center has a fully functional website that has solved the director's main problem of time. The site is visited by many and the director and owners have seen a boost in productivity with their staff. Enrollment has increased since the website went live and Little Wonders has been running at maximum capacity ever since. They now have a waitlist to enroll.


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