First Responder Training

Instructional Design | Utility Training

First Responder Training Animation

  • Tools Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere
  • Target Audience: First responders when they receive a call for a gas leak
  • Launched: 2018


This animation was produced for a Fortune 500 Gas and Electric company to act as a teaching aid for first responders. The animation illustrates the proper steps in training your crew to respond to valve gas leaks under manholes and why you should always wait for a gas technician to access them.

The specifications for this animation is that it be a top-down cartoon illustration on the safety of valves under manhole covers. I utilized Adobe Photoshop to make static background layers and individual assets so that I had a foundation. I transitioned these foundation pieces into Adobe After Effects where I manipulated basic shapes and timed layers to simulate movement.

This animation first shows where the pipes are located in the town. It then shows a pipe being squeezed due to high pressures and their effects. We then see where the gas leak is coming from and how this can cause fires sporadically throughout the town.

Next, the animation shows a set of valves that would be found under a manhole. The wrong valve turns to shut off the gas causing some areas to lose power. Another valve turns, causing other areas to lose power.

This was one of my most favorite recent projects to work on as it was a creative approach in adult e-learning. It also further enhanced my passion and skills for animation, instructional design and web design utilizing the entire Adobe Suite.

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