Adult Learning

Adult Learning | Instructional Design

Nursing: Epidemiology and Population Health

  • Tools Used: Adobe Dreamweaver, Blackboard LMS
  • Target Audience: Nursing students obtaining their PhD
  • Launched: 2017


Nursing: Epidemiology and Population Health is a nursing course for students obtaining their Ph.D. This was a brand new course built from concept to delivery.

The goal of this course is to provide students with a simple user experience to aid in their academics.

Students start off by reading through the Syllabus where they are given links to student support and a break down of the course schedule throughout the year. Since this is a web-based course, students are expected to log in daily to complete discussions, assignments, readings, and quizzes.

This course is hosted on Blackboard LMS which requires coding in HTML and CSS in order to function properly.

Courses like these have been my favorite to build as they combine my passion for code, instructional design, and graphics.

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